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Gabriel Delgado

Born 1976


Delgado immerses himself into areas of global conflict to meet with other artists and activists to gain a better understanding of the issues that he visually investigates.

While Mexico in Delgado accompanies a Cultural Attache of the Mexican government, to meet with the Zapatista Delegation from Chiapas, Mexico during the infamous Zapatista civil society uprising of 2000. 


His Middle Eastern interests are born from a months-long expedition to Jordan, Syria, Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, and other parts of Palestine, where he meets with a variety of Political Artists, some living in exile and in refugee camps, who educate him about the social unrest and historical implications of the Middle Eastern Affairs.


It is here in the Middle East, Gabriel Delgado is identified, detained, and jailed on suspicion of International Terrorism, ultimately cementing his political ideologies, and catapulting his intense scrutiny of the U.S. Government and its handling of international affairs.


Delgado is a pioneering participant in the early development of the Anarchist Black-Block Movement. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, he marches and demonstrates in the global protests - including: Washington D.C.; Houston, Texas; and New York City, New York for political direct action demonstrations against the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank.


Gabriel Delgado holds two museum Curatorial titles, three gallery Directorships; and is a published art critic in over 25 + publication.


In addition to his BFA from Kent State University (98’), his education includes: Graduate of the International Society of Appraisers program (ISA); Active member of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC); Certificate from the University of Glasgow in Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crimes; Certificate from Duke University in Public Art and Pedagogy; Certificate from the Universita Bocconi in Art and Heritage Management.


Some of Delgado's mentors include the late Salvatore Scarpitta, who befriended Delgado in the 1990's while buying one of his paintings during a studio visit. Delgado also credits political artist, Mel Chin as an influence who hosted Delgado at his studio in North Carolina and employed him as an assistant for his early video game productions. Extremely influential in his professional career has been the renowned political Museum Director, James Harithas, who mentored Delgado for over half a decade in political art.


Select Exhibitions / Art Fairs include:


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2022; Art Miami 2021; Art Hamptons 2021; “The Institutionist”, The Drawing Center, New York, NY; “Texas Drops By”, MadisMad Gallery, Group Invitational, ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Spain; “Texas Rangers”, (MOCA-DC), Museum of Contemporary Art D.C., Washington, D.C.; “VOZ”, Centro de Artes, Selections from the (UTSA) University of Texas at San Antonio Permanent Art Collection, San Antonio, TX; “A Decade of Occupation: 10-year Survey Exhibition”, Fl!ght Gallery, San Antonio, TX; “Dirty Dozen”, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX; “Gabriel Diego Delgado”, San Antonio Children’s Museum, San Antonio, TX; “Secret Wars”, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX; “The Boom”, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX; “Dialogues”, Blue Star Contemporary Arts Museum, San Antonio, TX; “Mania”, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX; “Letting Go”, NMDK Gallery, San Antonio, TX; “Gabriel Diego Delgado”, Radius Center, Courtesy of Joan Grona Gallery, San Antonio, TX; “Gabriel Diego Delgado and Louie Chavez”, 2 one-man exhibitions, Lone Star Studios Gallery, San Antonio, TX; “Stencils and Patterns”, Redbud Gallery, Houston, TX; “Two Signs of Solidarity”, Diverseworks, Houston, TX; “Define the Future”, PEVETO Gallery, Houston, TX; “Group Invitational: Fodice Foundation”, Colton-Farb Gallery, Houston, TX; “Reveal the Lies, An Artistic Call to Action”, The Audley Society Gallery, Houston, TX;  “Una Noche de La Gloria”, Guadalupe Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX; “Sell Your Fear”, South Texas College, Library Art Gallery, McAllen, TX; “Terror?”, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA; “Monster Drawing Rally”, Southern Exposure Art Center, San Francisco, CA; “Punch”, Artscan Contemporary Art Gallery, Houston, TX; “Going Tabloid”, Spaces Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH.


Public and Corporate Collections Include:

University of Texas at San Antonio Permanent Art Collection, San Antonio, TX

Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, TX

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