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The interplay between two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional sculptures has been a subject of interest in art history for many decades. The exploration of the relationship between the two mediums has led to some of the most significant art movements of the 20th century.

David Hayes, a prominent artist of the mid-20th century, was one of the artists who delved deeply into the relationship between these two mediums. Hayes' approach to organic forms in his paintings and sculptures is an excellent example of this exploration.

Hayes' works showcase a profound understanding of the similarities and differences between two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional sculptures. His paintings, with their flat surfaces, compliment and hold dialogues with the hard edges and shapes of his sculptures, highlighting the beauty of both mediums.

In studying Hayes' works, one can see his exploration of the possibilities of form, texture, and color, as well as the relationship between space and form.

Thus, David Hayes' works are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a significant contribution to the history of modern art. Through his exploration of the relationship between painting and sculpture, he expanded the possibilities of both mediums and paved the way for future artists to explore new and innovative approaches to art.

These two works are in the "MAN OF STEEL – Select Works for the Estate of David Hayes."

Join us for the opening reception tomorrow, March 31, 2023, from 6 - 9 pm and immerse yourself in the iconic sculptures of David Hayes.

This exhibition is a tribute to the artist's legacy and celebrates his contribution to the world of art.

Don't miss this chance to witness his remarkable works of art. We can't wait to see you all there!

David Hayes (1931 - 2013)

Jazz, 2011

Acrylic on Canvas

36 x 36 x 2 in

David Hayes (1931 - 2013)

Screen Sculpture #83B, 1997

Painted, welded diamond plated steel

60 x 53 x 21 in

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