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L’Adorateur Du Soleil by Joan Miró

Joan Miro uses color and form in a symbolic manner to develop intricate compositions and a wandering linear style.

With L’Adorateur Du Soleil, bold circles of blue and red are placed on top of one another, encased in a swirling motion of black strokes dotted with bits of green, pink, and yellow. The piece holds a textured surface quality; one can literally feel the bright colors emanating from the work.

Miro’s use of expressive splatters of line and form swirl around like masses of energy and life; he creates for an audience that shares his same passion and spirit. These ideas of conceptual motion, brightly colored and inherently full of vivacity, are what makes Miró such a renowned artist.

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Joan Miro (1893–1983)

L’Adorateur Du Soleil, 1969, (HC/1)

Etching, aquatint and carborundum in colors on Arches

41.30 x 26.60 in






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