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Roberto Matta: On the Edge of a Dream

February 15, 2018

Roberto Matta is considered the last great Surrealist painter and the bridge between 20th Century Masters and the Abstract Expressionist Movement. On Thursday, February 15th, Lisa Burgess opened Matta: On the Edge of a Dream, a genuinely extraordinary retrospective featuring original works, sculpture, and graphics from one of the most important artists of our time. With over 60 works, it is the most significant Matta exhibition held in a museum or gallery since Chile’s Centennial exhibition in 2011 and acts as a prelude to the Hermitage Museum’s one-man show opening later this year. In fact, the Hermitage requested the loan of 9 paintings in her curated exhibition.


Marcus Jansen: Merchants of Babylon

July 25, 2019

Merchants of Babylon explores a new collection of work from Marcus Jansen, the so-called “cartographer of conflict”.  His socially critical paintings weave tales of a world in turmoil and isolation, threat, war, surveillance, and greed in competition with innocence, hope, and humanity.  Jansen’s artistic roots took ground in New York’s graffiti scene, but years in Germany infused his work with the influence of Expressionists, especially through his brushstroke and use of color.  Today, Jansen is recognized as one of the most important American painters of his generation, with work in numerous museums, public and private collections.  

Kármán Line Monotypes

Jedd Novatt : Kármán Line is a new series of large-scale unique works on paper by internationally acclaimed artist Jedd Novatt.

"Kármán Line monotypes solidify integral conjectures of atmospheric and altitudinal dimensions maneuvering beyond the ocular to a more astomatous reality."

 *Published by Burgess Modern + Contemporary, and printed at Thumbprint Editions, London.


Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

Feb 24 - Mar 14, 2021

Burgess Modern + Contemporary Presents: “Kármán Line & Beyond” at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary | Art Wynwood 2021 Art Fair. 

Burgess Modern & Contemporary found curatorial inspiration from Jedd Novatt's Kármán Line monotype series title, moving beyond visual and conceptual boundaries.
In selecting works of Andy Warhol, Jedd Novatt, Roberto Matta, Damien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein, and Hunt Slonem, Burgess Modern + Contemporary allows the viewer to academically establish a cumulative curatorial concept with artists as diverse as Hunt Slonem and Roy Lichtenstein. 
By aligning new insights on these selected artists that are distilled from both constructed and discovered layers, Burgess Modern + Contemporary's presentation discovers that replications and repetitions become meditative exercise in the ephemeral, while other deliberate mark-making bypasses aesthetics for functional reconfigurations in compositional purity.
Kármán Line & Beyond gives reason for academic dissertations across genres, movements, decades, and artistic compositions. 

Market Art + Design Hamptons

Aug 12 - Aug 15, 2021

Burgess Modern + Contemporary presents works by Andy Warhol, Jedd Novatt, Damien Hirst, Tom Wesselmann, Eric Fischl, RETNA, and Gabriel Delgado.

Burgess Modern + Contemporary strives to academically establish a cumulative curatorial concept with artists who conceptually explore academic discourse as well as political dissent.

From linguistical analysis through the PEMDAS order of operations to Graffiti Codices, to Iconic symbolism, to Pop Art propaganda, BM+C instills a sense of scholarly aptitude toward contemporary art discussions. 


Art Miami 2021

Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2021

Burgess Modern + Contemporary exhibits at Art Miami 2021

with Constructs of the 5th Dimension


Oct 4, 2021, Ft. Lauderdale, FL ­­—


Burgess Modern + Contemporary is proud US debut the Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio, David Salle's Five Print Portfolio - OverUnder, and the curated selections: Constructs of the 5th Dimension, featuring the artworks of Jedd Novatt, Roberto Matta, Purvis Young, Miss Bugs, and Gabriel Delgado at Art Miami 2021.  

Each of the artists presented by Burgess Modern + Contemporary contributes to the 5th dimension through their own visual vernacular; a force manifested from the artists’ mind to achieve a signature visual aesthetic. Constructs of the 5th Dimension showcase systematic contemporary and artistic constructions that reinforce the theory that the phenomena of matter or mind are due to the action of forces rather than to motion or matter. 

Jedd Novatt’s stoic bronze and steel sculptures speak volumes of balance and space where new dimensions are defined through the negative expanses between the linear and welded constructs.  The interdimensional expressions of the sculptures are covertly tied to Novatt’s infinite and upward expansion where his lines and drawings are as much about scientific and historical academia as they are about the occupation of space within the physical mass of the material. 


Burgess Modern + Contemporary exhibits at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2022 with “Modern to Post-Contemporary”

Burgess Modern + Contemporary is proud to announce its participation in Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2022 art fair with “Modern to Post-Contemporary”, a curated exhibition where a multi-generational divide is purposefully clear, and all historical and contemporary lineages are unequivocally honored. 


“Modern to Contemporary” pays homage to the integrity of Art History, by celebrating the Modern Master’s like Picasso and Miro, while spotlighting the leading voices of Contemporary Artists, like Alex Katz and Jedd Novatt.


Within “Modern to Post-Contemporary” are early 1960 linocuts by Modern Master, Pablo Picasso, selections often accredited to the ‘later works of the final years’ that are undoubtedly and fundamentally different from the 2022 kaleidoscopic patterns of resin-encapsulated razorblades, drug paraphernalia, and pop culture icons by Contemporary Duo, Miss Bugs. 


Works with black and hard-edged definitions and gestural attributes by leading Surrealist, Joan Miro are harmoniously contrasted by the unapologetic and canonical symbolisms of American painter, David Salle’s sophisticated satire, jest, and ambiguity. The minimalistic floral compositions of 94-year-old Alex Katz from the newly released Flowers Portfolio become instant botanical icons with their heavily weighted negative spaces around bold and bright florals like Dogwoods, Peonies, Tulips, and Azaleas, which avowedly complement Jedd Novatt’s stoic bronze and steel sculptures which speak volumes of balance and space – both artists exploring new dimensions defined through the negative expanses between physical.   Gabriel Delgado’s linguistically dominate drawings of conceptually solvable mathematical equations of contemporary topics volley off the seemingly robust but inheritably delicate craftsmanship of glass artist, Alex Gabriel Bernstein.


Lisa Burgess, Owner of Burgess Modern + Contemporary states, “Art History is a continued course of study, appreciation, and scholarly approach. Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso will always be internationally recognized as Modern Masters, while Alex Katz, almost a centenarian, is still creating his legacy… Contemporaries Jedd Novatt and David Salle are names forever cemented in Art History, while artists like Miss Bugs, Alex Gabriel Bernstein, and Gabriel Delgado are following in the footsteps of these giants.”