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Ada Portfolio

burgesscontemporary The new Ada Print Portfolio has the artist revisiting some of his favorite paintings of his beloved spouse by creating ten new fine art prints that are featured in the exhibition. His works demonstrate skill in distilling her details down to their most fundamental elements - lips, eyes, and nose. He captures her individual traits without compromising her uniqueness. This recently published portfolio is a magnificent reminder of the all-encompassing love and devotion the artist has for his beloved wife. It is clear from the imagery that Katz cherishes every single moment shared with his partner, registering her nuances in his art and being able to freeze moments in time, canonizing Ada for all eternity. Alex Katz (b. 1927) Ada Portfolio, 2022, (Edition of 100) Silkscreen in colors on Saunders Waterford High White HP 425 gsm paper 54 x 40.50 in Full Portfolio Available Now at Burgess Modern + Contemporary DM for Details #alexkatz #katz #GuggenheimMuseum #americanartist #Adaportfolio #contemporaryart #Minimalism #NewYork #NewYorkCity

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