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Alex Katz | Nicole

"Nicole" (2023), a captivating 1-color linocut by the iconic Alex Katz. This striking 120 x 36 inches artwork, numbered 12/12 in its edition, is printed on the luxurious Somerset white 500 gms paper, showcasing Katz’s mastery in the reduction of form to its most eloquent simplicity.

Katz, born in 1927, continues to redefine portraiture with his bold minimalism and keen eye for the interplay of light and shadow. "Nicole" epitomizes his approach with its stark contrast and fluid lines that capture not just a likeness, but a presence, a mood, a moment distilled.

This piece is a triumph of technique, the linocut process allowing for the sharp, clear lines that define Katz's work. Each curve, each negative space, contributes to an intimate dialogue between the subject and viewer, inviting contemplation and admiration.

As we gaze upon "Nicole," we're reminded of the power of less to express more, and the enduring relevance of Katz's vision in the narrative of contemporary art.

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