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Andrew Cotton at Art Miami

Unveiling "Welcome to Florida" by Andrew Cotton | 2023 | Mixed Media on Canvas | 60 x 48 x 2.50 in

We're thrilled to announce that Burgess Modern + Contemporary will be premiering this vibrant and thought-provoking new piece at Art Miami 2023!

This mixed media masterpiece embodies the spirit of cultural fusion and the pulse of street art aesthetics. Each stroke and symbol weaves a story of the sun-soaked life in Florida, reflecting a juxtaposition of raw emotions and pop culture imagery.

From the iconic sun symbol radiating warmth to the striking portrait of Mr. Messi, that commands your attention…this artwork is a dialogue between identity and place.

The complex layers and textured canvas invite you to dive deep into the state’s eclectic essence.

Join us at Art Miami to experience the energy and boldness of Andrew Cotton’s latest work up close.

Let's celebrate the creative currents that flow through Florida's veins and celebrate this cultural icon and “Welcome” him home to Florida.

Andrew Cotton

Welcome to Florida, 2023

Mixed Media on Canvas

60 x 48 x 2.50 in

Art Miami 2023 Preview with Burgess Modern + Contemporary

Inquire for details.

Burgess Modern + Contemporary at Art Miami Stand #204

Email or call 954-524-2100

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