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Brendan Murphy | New Artwork Available

Burgess Modern + Contemporary is excited about the new Brendan Murphy artworks that are available through the Private Advisory. Here is a sneak peek of about a dozen new paintings and sculptures that are now available.

Brendan Murphy (B 1971 - ) is a widely known contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections and galleries around the world. Since his early career, Brendan has blended abstract and figurative forms to reveal meaning with deeper contemplations through his sculpture and painting. Brendan believes it is in art’s potential where we can most universally transmit positive energy.

He recognizes the effect this energy, when experienced as a collective, can have on society as a whole. His commitment to process and true craftsmanship is the unifying thread throughout his body of work.



Brendan Murphy

91 Decisions, 2021

Oil, Acrylic and Gouache on Chrome Panel

72 x 60 x 3 in

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