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Standing a full 66 x 55 x 45 inches with an engaging angular form and curved edges, “Capricorn”, a medium sized sculpture in the exhibition, is a tour de force of skilled artistry. Its captivating aesthetic merges expertly crafted steel with perfect anti-symmetry for an organic masterpiece that is breathtaking from every angle. With sweeping angles that reach toward the heavens and swooping curves aligned with the ground, this awe-inspiring sculpture reveals its secrets and speaks to the power of Modern Art.

Uniting four panels into one cohesive figure, an intricate amalgamation of the yellow stair-like metal structure and the curved red plate supports a large blue plate that bears an uncanny resemblance to a facial profile. Piercing through the center of one of the sides of the sculpture is a mesmerizing light blue V-shape, seemingly pointing both up and down simultaneously.

As one stands in awe observing the elegant interplay between the different planes, it's hard not to appreciate its sheer grandiosity. “Capricorn” a work of sheer genius that demonstrates the highest levels of artistic excellence.

David Hayes (1931 - 2013)

Capricorn, 2004

Painted welded steel

66 x 55 x 45 in

Capricorn is part of the upcoming David Hayes – MAN OF STEEL: Select Works from the Estate of David Hayes, opening at Burgess Modern + Contemporary on March 31, 2023.

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