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Today, as we witness the magnificent celestial ballet of the total eclipse, (04,08,2024) we're reminded of how nature's grandeur can be echoed in human creativity. It's a moment of awe, a dance of shadows and light that envelops us in its temporary twilight. 🌘✨

In this spirit of wonder, we also celebrate the artistic genius of land art artists Christo and Jean-Claude. Their visionary project, 'Surrounded Islands' from 1982, transformed Biscayne Bay into a surreal, aquatic tapestry.

With vibrant fabric encircling the islands, they created a fluid masterpiece that challenged our perceptions of art and environment.

As the eclipse graces our skies, let's honor these artists who, like the eclipse itself, remind us of the ephemeral beauty of our world and the human imagination's power to mirror it. 🌍🎨


Christo and Jean Claude

Surrounded Islands, Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida, 1982, (/1)

Offset lithograph in colors on wove paper

25 x 39 in

Available at Burgess Modern + Contemporary

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