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We're thrilled to unveil a spectacular addition to our collection: "Then Came Death and Took the Butcher" by the legendary Frank Stella, part of the series inspired by El Lissitzky's "Had Gadya". This masterpiece from 1984 stands out with its dynamic composition and vibrant expression.

🎨 Art Details: Title: Then Came Death and Took the Butcher Year: 1984 Edition: 21/60 Technique: Lithograph, linocut, screenprint in colors with collage and hand coloring Materials: T.H. Saunders and Somerset papers Dimensions: 59 x 47.25 inches

Frank Stella, born in 1936, continues to inspire with his bold and innovative approach to form and color. This work, blending multiple printmaking techniques, is a testament to Stella's ongoing exploration of abstract expression.

Experience the depth and scale of this magnificent piece up close.

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