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Free Them

"Free Them, Now" is a powerful painting that celebrates the fight for justice and the uncanny courage of those who have been wrongfully imprisoned. With a hypnotic composition, five tiers of prisoners grapple ferociously with the bars of their cages, their relentless cries for reform seemingly reverberating off the canvas. On the right-hand side of the picture stands an awe-inspiring figure adorned in gold and encircled by a heavenly halo - a brave leader who vocalizes his steadfast commitment to freedom with every intense note he belts out. This surprisingly simple artwork not only embodies our unease with ongoing racial injustice in our criminal justice systems today, but also serves as an acknowledgement of slavery, Apartheid and mass incarcerations past. Through this work we are reminded to seek and atone for our mistakes so that we may better equip ourselves to move forward into brighter times.

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