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With Market Art + Design The Hamptons approaching fast, we would like to take a moment to spotlight some of our exhibiting artists - JEDD NOVATT Internationally acclaimed Contemporary Artist, Jedd Novatt has a visual language that defines his signatory linear aesthetic; an interpretation of factual environmental apexes manifested through lines, angles, and vertices that engage negative space against positive. The artworks theoretically propel themselves through the firmaments of space, carried by the dynamic spatial vibrations found within the arrangements. The momentum is purposefully and perfectly contrasted and even constrained with his choice of rigid and weighted materiality. Novatt is an artist often examined through constraining connotations of chaos theories. In LANGUAGE & INTERPRETATION, Burgess Modern + Contemporary begins to disseminate and dissect Novatt’s seemingly random elements which are in fact governed by deterministic laws such as gravity. In the new Hurácan Sculpture Series, Novatt examines discernments of balance with his geometric shapes that build upon, morph within, and volley around each other. It is within these undefined quadrilateral forms that the artist examines the critical analysis of scale and weight. Hurácans’ upward and outward mobilities can be characterized as infinite as the artist probs the perceived absolutes of spatial realities, both physical and transcendental. In this conceptual yet constructed formalism of linear constructs resides Novatt’s self-reliant artistic vocabulary. ~

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