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Marc Chagall | Everyday World

Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985)

Monde Familier (Everyday World), 1983, (49/50)

lithograph in colors on Arches paper

13.70 x 10.60 in


Available at Burgess Modern + Contemporary


“Everyday World” is a lithograph on Arches paper after Marc Chagall, by Charles Sorlier, the artist's longtime lithographer.  It is signed in pencil, lower right and numbered 49/50, lower left. Reference: Mourlot 1015.


"Everyday World" is a mesmerizing lithograph crafted by the renowned artist Marc Chagall, a master of dreamlike imagery and vibrant colors. Within this enchanting artwork, Chagall invites viewers into a whimsical realm where reality merges with fantasy. The scene unfolds with a sense of playful harmony, as whimsical figures, and surreal landscapes dance across the canvas. Chagall's distinctive use of bold, swirling lines and rich, jewel-toned hues imbues the composition with an otherworldly charm, drawing viewers into a realm where gravity seems to lose its grip and imagination takes flight. Amidst the fantastical elements, familiar motifs from everyday life emerge, such as houses, trees, and figures engaged in everyday activities, grounding the surreal spectacle in a relatable context. Through "Everyday World," Chagall captures the essence of wonder and magic that permeates the ordinary, inviting viewers to escape into a world where the boundaries between the everyday and the extraordinary blur into beautiful harmony.

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