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Marilyn | Sunday B Morning

Unveiling the interplay of luster and iconography with 'Diamond Dust Marilyn' by Andy Warhol, in collaboration with Sunday B. Morning.

This piece is a modern continuation of Warhol's fascination with the commodification of fame, a conversation started with his renowned Factory Editions of the '60s. This silkscreen, imbued with the glamour of diamond dust on a 36" x 36" museum board, recontextualizes Marilyn Monroe’s image, further examining the intersection of art and mass production.

It's a celebration of Warhol's enduring legacy and a reflective commentary on the perpetual manufacturing of celebrity. Created using identical techniques as the original Marilyn series, this print underscores Warhol's commitment to accessibility in art and his critique of unique artistry in the consumer age.

Available at Burgess Modern + Contemporary




Fact: Following the success of Andy Warhol’s famous “Factory Edition” prints featuring Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s, Andy Warhol collaborated with two printmakers in Belgium known as Sunday B. Morning to create a second series of prints that played on the concept of mass production, which Warhol enjoyed commenting on through his art. The prints were created with the same tools and methods as the original Marilyn series.



Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987)

Marilyn with Diamond Dust, 2023

Silkscreen in colors with diamond dust

36 x 36 in

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