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Miss Bugs at Art Miami 2021

Art Miami 2021 | Artist Spotlight

Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs is a London-based Street art duo founded in 2007 and is composed of "Miss" and "Bugs". They are known for their colorful and contemporary mixed-media artwork. Miss Bugs uses an array of techniques from silk screen printing to resin casting. Their most recent works are large-scale pieces, incorporating laser cut planes of wood, hundreds of small toys, and objects, and poured resin. Miss Bugs’ kaleidoscopic patterns of resin-encapsulated razorblades, drug paraphernalia, and pop culture icons give a visual critique to contemporary times; generating artifacts revealing preferences mankind has made on modern advances.

Miss Bugs has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, LA, Paris, and London. Their artwork is also in several significant private collections around the world. Select Exhibitions include: Echo Chamber, Miss Bugs, Mayfair, London, UK; Parlour, Miss Bugs, Brooklynite Gallery, NY, USA; The State of Art, Miss Bugs, ink gallery, UK; SASML ft. Faile, Swoon, Cave Gallery, LA, USA; Bingo Night at the Promised Land, New Image Gallery, LA, USA; The Lost Ones ft. Shepard Fairey, The Date Farmers, Upper Playground Fifty24mx - Mexico City, Mexico; 2 Many Artist, Miss Bugs & Joe Black, Brooklynite Gallery, NY, US; Alternativity ft. Eine, Dface, Stella Dore, London, UK; Art Miami 2021; among others.


Miss Bugs | Algorithm Chamber Prisms 2021 | Hand cast polyurethane crystal resin on wood and aluminum - with aerosol and silk screen | 66.90 x 47.20 in

See you at Booth #AM333 | Art Miami 2021

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