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New Arrival from Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs specializes in colorful and contemporary mixed-media art. Their innovative collaborations use an array of techniques from silk screen printing to resin casting.

This piece, Data Rader, is our newest arrival by Miss Bugs. This intricate artwork consists of paper cuts, surgical blades, and embossed butterfly wings adorned in 24-carat gold leaf on wood and aluminum. While human form is the main topic, Data Rader incorporates the familiar with the unfamiliar in a playful, pop-art explosion of color.

To learn more about artworks by Miss Bugs please contact Burgess Modern and Contemporary at 954-524-2100


Miss Bugs

Data Rader, 2022

Paper cuts, surgical blades, embossed butterfly wings with 24-carat gold leaf on wood and aluminum

37 x 45.60 in






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