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Original Salvador Dali Ink & Watercolor

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)

La Femme aux Cheveux d'or et son Garde, 1967

Ink and Watercolor

13 x 17.75 in

email Gabriel Delgado at for more information on acquisition.

La Femme aux Cheveus d'or et son Garde is a unique watercolor and ink on paper executed in 1967.

Signed, lower right.

The work relates to the frontispiece for Poemes Secret, a suite of 18 etchings commissioned by Pierre Argillet based on the writings of Guillaume Apollinaire, a French writer important to the literary development of the Surrealism movement. In this work, Dali illustrates the sensual poems Apollinaire wrote in love letters he sent to the schoolteacher Madeleine Pagès from the battle trenches of World War I.

A bare breasted Madelaine is featured with an appendage supported by a crutch, her golden tresses cascading down her back as a guard (presumably Apollinaire) wearing a flamboyantly plumed hat, stands watch next to her with spear in hand.

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