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OVERUNDER by David Salle

Burgess Modern + Contemporary is proud to showcase work by contemporary painter David Salle.

Salle’s OverUnder is a colorful portfolio displaying a stylized tree that vertically bisects the picture plane. A glum man in black and white striped clothes appears to have stopped a woman wearing a white bikini and dark sunglasses. Salle creates a screwball Garden of Eden replete with canonical symbolism and implied moral conflicts. The juxtaposed protagonists are inspired by the works of illustrator Peter Arno, whose cartoons exemplify the sophisticated visual style of The New Yorker magazine from 1925 to 1968.

"A single tree acts as a visual divide or barrier between the sexes, men on one side, women on the other— the ambiguous relationship between the subjects and the sometimes-madcap situations in which they have found themselves ensures that the full story remains just beyond our grasp." -D. Salle

To learn more about works by David Salle please contact Burgess Modern + Contemporary at 954-524-2100


David Salle

OVERUNDER (PORTFOLIO), White, 2021, (17/20)

Archival pigment ink print, hand varnished on Innova Etching Cotton Rag 315 gsm

42 x 42 x 2 in






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