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RETNA | Coming Soon

🎨 Exciting News for Art Enthusiasts in Miami! 🌆

🚀 Launching this December! Burgess Modern + Contemporary proudly presents: "RETNA – Appetite for Destruction" 🖌️

📍 Miami, FL

👁️ Witness the groundbreaking work of the enigmatic street artist, RETNA. Known for his fusion of calligraphy and graffiti, RETNA brings a provocative new series to life. Experience art that's been torn and reborn, symbolizing resilience in the face of vulnerability.

🎨 Featured Highlight: "Slang Them Colors", a tribute to RETNA’s late father. This piece combines the essence of American heritage with a personal journey through grief and remembrance.

🤯 RETNA challenges us to rethink the impermanence of art and life, finding beauty in the transient and questioning the value of art in today's world.

🔥 "Appetite for Destruction” is more than an exhibition; it's a journey through the cycles of destruction and rebirth. It's a chance to engage with art that pushes the boundaries and offers profound insights into the nature of creation.

📅 Don’t miss this transformative experience! Join us for a journey that celebrates the continual progression of life and art.

📩 More information coming soon on

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