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Offering you more visual excerpts of the "Appetite For Destruction" exhibition @BurgessContemporary. Graced by the distinctive script-like patterns of RETNA's three commanding canvases, which speak in a visual language that intertwines the ancient and the urban.

Each piece is a testament to the artist's unique lexicon, drawn from a variety of typographies and calligraphy.

In stark contrast yet in harmonious dialogue with RETNA's work stands David Hayes' "Motif #7", a sculptural marvel that captivates with its bold simplicity and fluidity of form. Crafted in black steel, its silhouette casts an evocative shadow, encapsulating the essence of form in motion.

RETNA's works, with their cryptic allure, anchor the room, while Hayes' sculpture offers a sleek, three-dimensional counterpoint, creating an interplay of textures and shapes that's both thought-provoking and aesthetically profound.

Stop in or schedule your own walk through with one of our knowledgeable art consultants.

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