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Rouge et Noir Deux

burgesscontemporary David Hayes (1931-2013) was an American sculptor known for his abstract, geometric forms. One of his notable smaller works is "Rouge et Noir Deux," created in 2008. This piece is made of painted welded steel and measures 14.50 x 10.50 x 9.50 inches. The sculpture features angular shapes and sharp lines, with contrasting colors of red and black creating a striking visual impact. Hayes' works often explore the relationship between space, form, and color, and "Rouge et Noir Deux" is a testament to his mastery of these elements. Rouge et Noir Deux will be featured in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL- Select Works from the Estate of David Hayes, opening at Burgess Modern + Contemporary on March 31, 2023; from 6 – 9 pm. DM for inquiry. David Hayes (1931 - 2013) Rouge et Noir Deux, 2008 Painted & welded steel 14.50 x 10.50 x 9.50 in #DavidHayes #AmericanSculptor #AbstractArt #GeometricForms #RougeetNoirDeux #PaintedWeldedSteel #AngularShapes #SharpLines #ContrastingColors #RedandBlack #Space #Form #Color #BurgessContemporary #burgessmodernandcontemporary

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