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Saint Michael's Battle

Purvis Young's Saint Michael's Battle, a painting of circa 1980's, is a remarkable dynamic composition that captures the essence of an iconoclastic episode from the Bible.

Created with mixed media and carpet on board, the painting measures 48 x 96 inches, and features an array of figures - white and blue horses, protestors, marchers, and angels singing in the sky.

At the helm of the scene is the angel overseeing it all - believed to be Saint Michael as mentioned in Revelation 12:7-12. The battle between him and his angels against Satan delivers a powerful representation of his victory over evil and good prevailing harmony.

This marvelous piece tells its story both through vibrant visual elements as well as deeply rooted symbolism, making it a striking testament to Purvis Young's exceptional artistic practice.

Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

Saint Michael's Battle, circa 1980's

Mixed media collage on board with carpet

48 x 96 in

Now available at Burgess Modern + Contemporary

DM for Details

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