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Screen Sculpture

The painted steel sculptures by David Hayes from the 1970’s – early 2000’s are a testament to cannons of Art History. A range of artwork illustrates sharp angular edges that contrast the leisure arches that are cut out of the plated steel. Simplistic on design but sophisticated in solidity, Hayes’ steel sculptures are a direct connect to the Modern Masters Calder and Smith in their principles as well as execution.

David Hayes was an American sculptor known for his modern art sculptures. His artwork is often compared to that of David Smith and Alexander Calder- both colleagues, teachers, and mentors to the artist.

Hayes' work has been exhibited widely in the United States and Europe. His sculptures can be found in the collections of major museums throughout the USA and abroad - including the Museum of Modern Art.


David Hayes (1931 - 2013)

Screen Sculpture #83, 1997

Painted, welded steel

60 x 53 x 21 in

Burgess Modern + Contemporary officially represents the Estate of David Hayes.

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