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Screen Sculpture

One of the exciting works that will be featured in the upcoming “Man of Steel” exhibition at Burgess Modern + Contemporary is "Screen Sculpture" by David Hayes. Created in 1993, this painted, welded steel sculpture measures 45 x 28 x 11.50 inches and showcases Hayes' signature use of industrial materials and abstract forms.

The sculpture's organic shapes and bold lines create a dynamic and eye-catching effect.

"Screen Sculpture" is an excellent example of his ability to transform industrial materials into art. The piece showcases his minimalist aesthetic, which combines simplicity and elegance with an edgy, industrial feel.

As an example of contemporary steel sculpture, this work by David Hayes is an excellent reminder of the enduring appeal of industrial materials and abstract forms in modern art.

“Man of Steel – Select Works from the Estate of David Hayes” opens March 31, 2023, from 6 – 9 pm, and runs through April 29, 2023.

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