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"Seaforms", a stunning tabletop sculpture created by David Hayes in 1987, measures 18 x 17 x 19 inches and captivates with its dynamic composition of color and form. This Carnivale-inspired artwork showcases a playful arrangement of bold hues and sharp angles, resulting in a visually striking and unified structure.

The fiery red plate, serving as the anchor, captures the viewer's attention and guides the eye to explore the intricate interplay of forms within the sculpture.

The complexity of the sculpture's design ensures an enigmatic work of art that rewards ongoing analysis. The temporal interplay between the distinct parts of the sculpture, connected through the red plate, presents a visually captivating and intellectually stimulating experience for the viewer. "Seaforms" stands as a testament to Hayes' remarkable ability to transform welded steel into a work of art that is both intriguing and beautiful.

"Seaforms" will be among the featured works in his upcoming "Man of Steel" exhibition at Burgess Modern + Contemporary, opening March 31, 2023.

This provides a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to witness this remarkable work of art in person, and to explore the depth and complexity of its design. Don't miss out on the chance to experience this stunning sculpture firsthand!

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