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The Legacy of David Hayes: A Beacon of Modernist Sculpture at Art Miami 2023

We are on the cusp of a remarkable event at Art Miami 2023, where the Burgess Modern + Contemporary is poised to showcase 'Vertical Motif #8,' a defining work by the late American sculptor David Hayes. Our stand #AM204 will become a space where the past and present converse, where metal curves into history, and where the essence of Modernism breathes through steel.

David Hayes, whose life spanned from 1931 to 2013, left behind a legacy etched in the robustness of painted steel. 'Vertical Motif #8,' birthed in 1977, is more than a sculpture; it is a narrative cast in iron and hue, a manifestation of Hayes's ability to transform cold, industrial materials into a lexicon of organic shapes that speak the language of Constructivism and Modernist ideals. The 113 x 18 x 42-inch sculpture is a testament to balance and tension, a physical form that captures the ideology of its era and the timeless dance of form and space.

This curated exhibition for Art Miami 2023 is not merely a display; it is an academic pilgrimage to the altar of contemporary art & sculpture. It is an invitation to discourse, to appreciate, and to delve deep into the conversation that David Hayes began with his chisel and torch. The opportunity to engage with his work at Art Miami 2023 is a privilege, offering a unique insight into the methodologies and philosophies that shaped a significant period in art history.

It is with immense pride that Burgess Modern + Contemporary represents the David Hayes Estate, bringing forth the creations of a sculptor whose works have found their rightful place among the giants, within prestigious collections such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Join us in this celebration of David Hayes—a sculptor whose oeuvre is a beacon of Modernist ideals, an artist whose legacy is as enduring as the material he molded. At Art Miami 2023, stand #AM204, we look forward to welcoming you to this momentous occasion.

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