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Tom Wesselmann

"Behold the vivid and dynamic beauty of 'Sunset Nude with Yellow Tulips' by the legendary Tom Wesselmann (1931 - 2004), currently featured at Burgess Modern + Contemporary. 🌅🌼 

This remarkable Mixographia print on handmade paper, dating from 2004-2006 and numbered 9 out of 75, is a perfect example of Wesselmann's groundbreaking approach to form and color.

This piece, measuring 36.50 x 41 inches, captures the essence of a sunset with abstract shapes and vibrant colors, skillfully arranged to portray the peaceful yet powerful end of a day.

The artwork, characterized by its bold reds, serene blues, and touches of yellow and pink, invites viewers to explore the harmony between the abstract and the figurative.

Don’t let this opportunity pass to add a piece of modern art history to your collection.

Experience the transformative power of Wesselmann's art and bring a statement piece into your home or office.

Contact Burgess Modern + Contemporary for inquiries. 954-524-2100,

Elevate your surroundings with this iconic piece that combines the tranquil beauty of nature with the audacity of abstract expression.

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