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"Drawing from the 1990's #426" is a stunning example of Purvis Young's expressive talent, executed in acrylic paint and ink on paper, measuring 14 x 20 inches. Young's work invites us to contemplate the significance of attentive listening and to recognize the untold narratives in our turbulent world. With his unique visual language, he challenges viewers to engage in introspection, beyond the immediacy of his art, to unearth its deeper message.

The impact of Purvis Young's artistic oeuvre in portraying the struggles of African American and minority populations across the United States is indisputable. His bold, emotive paintings have garnered recognition in over 60 prestigious museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the DeYoung Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Young's artistry transcends his lifetime, and his legacy remains a critical aspect of our national conversation regarding civil rights and freedom of expression.

Burgess Modern + Contemporary proudly shines the spotlight on the late Purvis Young (1943-2010), a self-taught painter from Miami's Overtown neighborhood. In "WARRIOR," Young uses his art as a powerful means of expression for his own life story and the experiences of his community. Burgess Modern + Contemporary honors the incomparable Purvis Young as an essential figure who has significantly contributed to shaping our understanding of Black culture.

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