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Warriors Together

Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

Warriors Together, 1987

Mixed Media house paint on cardboard and thin wood

17.50 x 48 in

DM for Inquiry | Available Now

Purvis Young's "Warriors Together" resonates mightily with today's generation of activists, serving as an anthem of unity and purpose.

His work speaks to the fervent commitment that these social disruptors must working towards a greater good, a stark reminder of what we can accomplish when we stand together in solidarity. Even though this movement is largely driven by youth insurgency, the message at its core serves as a clarion call for those who are disillusioned and disenfranchised; it has been embraced by people from all walks of life who strive in unison to actualize immense systemic changes.

Indeed, one could even say that such fighters in this cultural revolution embody the spirit and voice of Young's warriors: bravely on their path to triumphantly bring about transformative shifts in our social landscape.

Young was a master of a signature aesthetic and expressionism, attempting to chronicle the struggles and triumphs of his peoples through ethereal usages of color, pattern, and form. His 1973 painting “Warriors Together” is no exception; it speaks directly to our hearts in a language that goes beyond physical boundaries but only captures metaphysical truths.

In this urban hieroglyphic narrative, scenes of ancient warriors on horses represent the timeless battles for justice and basic human rights, with monochromatic earth tones accented by red markings for the violence and black silhouettes for the victims.; mere symbols of stories centuries old yet still too relevant today. “Warriors Together” paints a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice required by oppressive systems and gives us pause to consider what battles remain.

It is a picture that holds both tangible beauty and immeasurable weight while simultaneously honoring the past, living our present needs, and continuing to guide us as we look towards our future.

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