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Figures and Animals

Primitive renditions of people on horses, marchers, and troopers are on the move, aligning and pushing left. Our mind’s eye makes out the metaphysical struggles of a people, of poverty, and systematic strain.

Young conceptually illustrates the sacrifices of a culture, where impoverishment demands retributions and justice. Red for blood, red for death and murder, red for the people. Black silhouettes give rise to otherworldly phantasms, heroes of the past that still provide voice to the needs of their people…The wants and demands for access to the necessities of life.


Powerful painting commemorates those who have been imprisoned and are a celebration of the fight for justice. We can almost hear their hymns. Haloed heads of figures are leaders in gold adornments.

His paintings also resonate an unmistakable homage from slavery to Apartheid to mass incarcerations.

Concepts for Found Objects

Personalized artifacts of discarded boards and wood form a frame around the painting. The people’s spirit is physically housed in their urban identity, real sculptural relics of the domains in which they guard, fight for, and raise families.

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