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Alex Katz | Art Miami

Burgess Modern + Contemporary announced that it will premier Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio, consisting of 7 prints that showcase Katz’s signature minimalistic aesthetic within a masterful interpretation of flora at Art Miami 2021.

For over six decades, Alex Katz has found inspiration in all types of flowers, transforming wind-blown tiger lilies, marigolds, roses, and petunias into iconic works of Pop art.

Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio, showcase a type of laconic botany that might seem slightly fragile as the unseen winds tear off leaves and create a fluttering sense of dynamism, but these floral icons become immovable objects that take center stage inside a field of color.

“We are thrilled to present this new portfolio in Miami,” says Lisa Burgess, Owner of Burgess Modern + Contemporary. “At the age of 94, Katz is at the pinnacle of his career and still creating works of perfect sophistication. This is a tremendous opportunity for collectors worldwide.”

For More Information on Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio at Burgess Modern + Contemporary, contact Lisa Burgess at 954.524.2100, or email inquiries to

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