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Bubba Wallace by Gabriel Delgado

In honor of National NASCAR day, Burgess Modern + Contemporary is proud to showcase “Bubba Wallace”, a piece by conceptual artist, Gabriel Delgado.

In “Bubba Wallace”, a 48” x 48” inch artwork of Strathmore Watercolor Paper mounted on Canvas, Delgado presents specific facts of African American NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace in his signature PEMDAS mathematical equation style of chalkboard aesthetic art-making.

The new artwork brings to light the controversy of institutional racism in the NASCAR organization, focusing on the scandalous noose incident that Bubba Wallace experienced, and spotlights former President Donald Trump’s poignant remarks, while revealing other fascinating details of Wallace’s NASCAR career.

For more information on works by Gabriel Delgado please contact Burgess Modern and Contemporary at 954-524-2100


Gabriel Delgado

“Bubba Wallace”

48 x 48 in

Ink and Graphite on Strathmore watercolor paper








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