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David Salle is an American artist who came to prominence in the early 1980s. His work is characterized by its enigmatic and often contradictory images, which draw upon a wide range of sources, including advertising, popular culture, and art history.

In a 1981 interview, Salle spoke about the inspiration of photography, saying that he was drawn to images that "understand us." This understanding is evident in Salle's work, which often challenges viewers to consider the relationships between different images and ideas. Through his artwork, Salle invites us to see the world in new and unexpected ways.

OVERUNDER (PORTFOLIO) consists of five prints by Salle, inspired by the works of illustrator, Peter Arno of The New Yorker. Salle creates a screwball Garden of Eden replete with canonical symbolism and implied moral conflicts.


David Salle

OVERUNDER (PORTFOLIO), Red, 2021, (17/20)

Archival pigment ink print, hand varnished on Innova Etching Cotton Rag 315 gsm

42 x 42 x 2 in

email for more details.

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