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National Drawing Day

Today we celebrate National Drawing Day!

Drawing is a form of visual art that allows expression on a variety of mediums.

In honor of the holiday, we are showcasing work by self-taught, contemporary artist Purvis Young.

Young's work often blends drawing with collaged elements utilizing everyday discarded objects.

His work is inspired by documentaries, American history and spiritual folklore with a strong visual emphasis on figures, animals, urban landscapes and incarceration to name but a few.

Today we appreciate artists, creators, and illustrators like Purvis while applauding their creativity and imagination.

For more information on works by Purvis Young please contact Burgess Modern and Contemporary at 954-524-2100


Purvis Young (1943 - 2010)

Drawing from the 1990's #429

Ink on Found Object

11.75 x 9 in






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