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David Salle | Art Miami 2023

"Don't Tell Her", by the incomparable David Salle, 2023

Salle, a master of postmodern pastiche, invites us to dissect the interplay of visual elements that float across the work, each telling a part of a story that is as elusive as it is captivating.

As you gaze into this tableau, allow yourself to wander into its depths and discover the subtle intricacies that David Salle infuses into every inch of his work. A true collector's piece, ready to claim its place in the pantheon of contemporary art.

David Salle's reference to cartoon drawings in his artwork is part of his broader practice of incorporating a wide range of cultural imagery into his pieces - evoking certain feelings or memories in the viewer, while also commenting on the pervasive influence of mass media. With work that mixes high and low cultural references, Salle draws from various sources including fine art, advertising, design, and pop culture. The use of cartoon imagery allows him to create a dialogue between the world of fine art and the visual language of cartoons. This juxtaposition can serve to question hierarchies of culture and the role of the artist in a media-saturated society.

Image: David Salle | Don't Tell Her, 2023, (11/40) | Silkscreened in colors on Saunders Waterford White HP 425 gsm, | 54.50" x 74"

Available now at Art Miami 2023 and through Burgess Modern + Contemporary

For more information, email: or call 954-524-2100

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