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Earth Day at Burgess Modern and Contemporary

🌎🌱 Celebrating Earth Day with Gabriel Delgado's Environmental Art 🌱🌎

On this Earth Day, we're highlighting an impactful piece by Gabriel Delgado, "Stoney Coral Emergency | Puerto Rico," from his Environmental Series (2022). This compelling work, rendered in ink, chalk, and graphite on Strathmore watercolor paper, mounted on canvas (22 x 30 inches), is a striking commentary on the environmental crisis affecting Puerto Rico's coral reefs.

Delgado's art is known for its focus on emotions, political issues, as well as environmental awareness and social justice. This piece encapsulates the alarming reality of coral loss due to pollution, climate change, and other human-induced factors.

The use of mathematical symbols and text in the artwork mirrors the complex interplay between nature and humanity, emphasizing the urgent need for conservation and action.

Through his earlier works and this series, Delgado has consistently advocated for social and environmental justice, inspiring us to think critically about our impact on the planet.

His art serves as a call to action, urging us to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.

Visit Burgess Modern + Contemporary to explore this piece and discover more of Delgado's work.

Let’s come together this Earth Day to support artists who use their creativity to raise awareness and make a difference.

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