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Picasso on World Art Day

📘✨ In celebration of World Art Day, we cast a scholarly light on the masterful fusion of Picasso’s passion for the corrida in 'Toros y Toreros'. This seminal work, available at Burgess Modern + Contemporary, offers an exquisite glimpse into the mind of Picasso, where the dramatic spectacle of the bullfight is translated into bold strokes and vivid colors.


Authored by Luis Miguel Dominguin with translation by Edouard Roditi, this 1980 publication by The Alpine Fine Arts Collection captures the spirit of an era.


As we reflect on the rich heritage of art history today, let this be your invitation to explore the depths of Picasso's genius.

Available for sale by calling 954-524-2100



Picasso Toros Y Toreros

Dominguin, Luis Miguel; Edouard Roditi [trans]

Published by The Alpine Fine Arts Collection, Ltd, New York, 1980



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