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KATZ | SALLE @ Art Miami 2021

Burgess Modern + Contemporary presents Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio, and OVERUNDER (PORTFOLIO), by David Salle at ART MIAMI 2021

Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio, consists of 7 prints that showcase Katz’s signature minimalistic aesthetic within a masterful interpretation of flora contrasted with bold and bright colors.

OVERUNDER (PORTFOLIO) consists of five prints by American artist David Salle. Inspired by the works of illustrator. Peter Arno of The New Yorker, Salle creates a screwball Garden of Eden replete with canonical symbolism and implied moral conflicts.

Come See us at Art Miami 2021

Booth #AM333

Image: Jedd Novatt, Chaos Moscow 5; Purvis Young, The Police and The Protestors and Song of Peace She’s Singin; Alex Katz: The Flowers Portfolio; David Salle, OVERUNDER(PORTFOLIO)

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