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Rex Hausmann | KSAT 12 News

Rex Hausmann | KSAT 12 News image from TV
Rex Hausmann | KSAT 12 News image from TV

Renowned artist Rex Hausmann has made a heartfelt and generous gesture to support the families affected by the Uvalde school shooting, as covered by Ursula Pari at KSAT 12 News. We are proud to share his compassionate act of solidarity.

We invite you to dive deeper into this inspiring story featured on KSAT 12 by clicking the link below.

Witness the profound impact of Hausmann's art and his dedication to healing hearts. The news video highlights the incredible artwork he has gifted to the grieving community in Uvalde, TX.

As a highly acclaimed artist represented by Burgess Modern + Contemporary in Ft. Lauderdale, Hausmann's talent and creativity have captivated audiences worldwide.

Now, his artistic prowess is serving a higher purpose — bringing solace and hope to those who need it most and sharing about his own experience as a shooting victim.

Watch the news video to experience the transformative power of Hausmann's artwork firsthand. Be moved by the heartfelt message he conveys through his brushstrokes.

Let's join together in celebrating this extraordinary artist and applauding his selfless act of kindness towards the Uvalde families.

Let's spread the word about this remarkable artist's endeavors and support his mission to make a positive impact through art.

To learn more about Rex Hausmann and explore his captivating portfolio, visit the website of Burgess Modern + Contemporary:

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