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Still Life with Blonde and Goldfish

Tom Wesselmann was an American Pop artist best known for his collages, sculptures, and screen prints that stylized the female figure. Often isolating segments of the body—red lips with a cigarette, a single nipple, or a stylish shoe—his artworks aim was to seize a viewer’s attention.


Tom Wesselmann (1931 - 2004)

Still Life with Blonde and Goldfish, 2000, (22/75)

Mixografia print on handmade paper

33.50 x 39 in

Now Available

DM for Details

The Mixografia printmaking technique is a unique fine art printing process that allows for the production of three-dimensional prints with elements of relief, texture and very fine surface detail. A sequence of plates is cast and molded, resulting in a reverse three-dimensional printing plate. The printing inks are applied by hand on the plate by the Master Printers, and moist paper pulp, produced entirely in-house from pure cotton fibers, is laid over the inked plate. The paper and printing plate are then run through the press under extremely high pressure, forcing the moist paper into every crevice of the highly sensitive printing plate, registering every nuance on its surface, and transferring the ink to the paper. Because the paper is still wet as it runs through the press, the ink is absorbed into the paper’s fibers, giving the prints extremely rich, saturated color and fresco-like qualities.

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