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YES, YES, and Yes

“Math equations and philosophical mind-mapping written on stoic astronaut statues, inside massive thumbprints, and canvases as chalkboards, provide a means to an end for Brendan Murphy’s conceptual diagrams - a Beautiful Mind where universal communications of emotions, wants, and desires takes the form of Contemporary Art Cryptography.”...-D. Dietrich


Brendan Murphy

Yes, Yes and Yes, 2021

Oil on chrome panel

48 x 36 x 3 in

Part Venn Diagrams, part Executive Office white board Product Flow Mapping, and part Conceptual Mind Charting, Murphy delivers a mélange of artworks that dives deep into the subconsciousness.

Brendan Murphy has eloquently blended abstract and figurative forms to impress upon the viewer a sense of universal understanding through realized common-grounds and optimistic channels of philosophical revelations.

Incontestable associations of mind and matter manifest artistic driven thoughts connecting man to man, man to the universe, and man to cosmic existentialism. The flow charts of rerouted arrows that point elements to undiscovered epiphanies to the trilateral assimilation of underlying emotions and swirling gyrations of yearnings to the materiality of emotionally fluid (but physical) identifiers of neurophysiological behaviors and responses, Murphy’s art is but intuitive mark making by the artist that breathes life into manifestations of the NOW.

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